Peter Attia’s Recommended Sleep Mask

Peter Attia is a world-renowned physician who is known for his studies on longevity. Peter is also a former ultra-endurance athlete and is an expert on increasing lifespan while simultaneously improving quality of life. Much like Tim Ferriss, Peter is a legendary self-experimenter, and has tried everything under the sun – taking what works, and scrapping what doesn’t.

This self-experimentation combined with Peter’s expertise, has led him to developing some pretty awesome hacks, protocols, and regimes for pretty much everything. One thing that he has completely optimized is his sleep. We all know that not getting enough sleep has a drastically negative impact on our overall health, productivity, longevity, and hormones. With that in mind, we should all be doing everything we can to improve the quality of our sleep.

One tool that Peter Attia uses to vastly improve the quality of his sleep is a sleep mask. Not all sleep masks are the same though, and some poorly made ones can fall off your head or just be genuinely uncomfortable. After much testing, Peter uses the Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask.

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Peter Attia’s Favorite Sleep Mask


In a recent podcast with Tim Ferriss, Peter Attia confessed his love for the Alaska Bear Sleep Mask, and even said he has 20 pairs of them! He said he has one everywhere, so he is never without one.

The Alaska Bear Sleep Mask currently has over 9,500 5-star ratings on Amazon! Being made out of pure silk, the mask is light-weight and breathable, and provides total blackout.

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Sleeping in total darkness vastly improves the quality of your sleep. For thousands of years before we were bombarded with all types of light on a daily basis, humans naturally slept as it became dark. So, our brains are actually programmed to associate darkness with sleep. We actually produce more melatonin when our brain senses the absence of light, and studies have shown that the darker our sleep environment is (whether it be a sleep mask, black out curtains, or just a pitch black room), the more time we spend in REM sleep.

My sleep has drastically improved since I started using a sleep mask, and I have noticed I do not wake up as much during the night. So if you want to use the same sleep mask as Peter Attia, make sure to go pick an Alaska Bear Sleep Mask up on Amazon.


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