Dr. Peter Attia’s Supplement List, Biohacking Toolkit, & Diet


Dr. Peter Attia is the founder of Attia Medical PC. based in San Diego and New York. His practice focuses on the applied science of longevity. Part of the practice includes nutritional biochemistry, a field that deals with supplements. His practice also focuses on elements such as diet, sleep, exercise, and, physiological aspects that promote long life and health spans.

Dr. Peter Attia is popular for all the good things connected to good health and longevity. This includes the supplements he takes, what he eats, and even his “biohacking tools”. He guides his patients through a regimen that works for them at a personal level. He does this by offering specific treatment plans for each person after careful examinations and not necessarily based on what works or him.

But since the products that Dr. Attia has included in his health routine seem to work well, we set out to provide a detailed review of the supplements, tools, and diet he uses and their benefits. This information will come in handy in case you want to start taking supplements and need to familiarize yourself with the products. It helps that Dr. Peter has extensive experience with supplements. Who better to give insight on the topic than an experienced person who has used them long enough to make accurate commentary about them. The following are the supplements and biohacking tools that the have been the core of Dr. Peter Attia’s Routine over the years.

Dr. Peter Attia’s Supplement List

It helps that Dr. Peter has extensive experience with supplements. Who better to give insight on the topic than an experienced person who has used them long enough to make accurate commentary about them. The following are the supplements that the have been the core of the Dr. Peter Attia Supplement Stack over the years that would be beneficial to most people. He takes a myriad of other supplements on and off that are also discussed in the article. We encourage you to do your own research and assess your needs before purchasing any supplements.


Dr. Peter takes 400mg of magnesium per day. Magnesium preserves potassium, which leads to proper cellular function. The biochemist reveals that he takes two tablets of magnesium chloride in the morning. It helps with electrolyte absorption and balance and treats cramping. For optimal results, the doctor doubles the dose when he is on a fast. The doctor also says that all his tablets are from the SlowMag brand. He takes 400mg of magnesium oxide to improve bowel function on the days he is not fasting. A high percentage of magnesium in the body occurs in the bones. It is present in every cell in the body, thus making it a requirement for cells to function properly and enzymes to perform optimally. This makes it a necessary addition in your diet. You can get it from whole grains, beans, nuts, green vegetables, and seeds or from supplements if your levels are still low. Magnesium helps in the following processes:

  • Chemical reactions
  • Moving blood sugar into muscles
  • Improving brain function to eliminate stress
  • Reducing inflammation

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Omega-3 Fish Oil

BCAAs and Omega-3 Fish Oil are among the supplements Dr. Attia has been taking consistently since 2011. He realized he wasn’t getting enough Omega-3, and he likes to take supplements that correct imbalances. His doctor advised him to balance this out using a high quality fish oil with omega-3.The biochemist reveals that he gets his omega-3 fish oil from Carlson’s Very Finest Fish Oil, which is the same brand the Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Joe Rogan use. He takes 10 ml or two teaspoons daily. This amount contains 1600mg of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and 1000mg of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Dr. Peter takes this with the intention of balancing the omega-3 and omega-6 ratio. The third type of omega fatty acid is ALA (linolenic acid). ALA is present in vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, and some vegetables. If ingested, it will need to be converted to EPA or DHA to provide any value. DHA and EPA are already in active forms and are available in fish oil. This is why the supplements are a reliable option to getting your fatty acids. Dr. Peter believes buying fish oil extracted from a big fish means you get the fish oil but also the harmful substances the fish acquired along its food chain. This is why he buys fish oil from a brand such as Carlson, who make lab fish oil. He prefers the fish oil to the tablets because it is cheaper and bioavailable. It is also effectively absorbed in the body as opposed to tablets. He reserves tablets for travelling and uses the oil when at home.

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Benefits of fish oil for kids

It is important to provide fish oil to children because humans cannot produce omega-3 fatty acids in their bodies. Fish oil is important, especially for children diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. It helps to stabilize their behavior and boost their attention. Other benefits of fish oil include:
  • Promote child growth and development
  • Improvement of memory, retention, and learning
  • Better and healthy sleep

Benefits of fish oil for adults

If you want the fish oil for yourself, this is how it helps you:
  • Weight loss
  • Improves eye health
  • Immunity booster
  • Improves hart health
  • Promotes healthy smooth skin
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Branch Chain Amino Acids

The doctor talks about taking two types of amino acids in a video with Mike Lewis. He supplements with these while doing resistant training activities or when the body is exerted and there is more breakdown of amino acids. The doctor takes two variants for two different purposes. The other Glutamine described below. The BCAA is one of the three important amino acids he uses. This one preserves muscle density and tissue integrity when the body undergoes stress. As a result, it maintains the wellness of tissue and muscles during intense exercises. He uses 2-4 grams of powder form of the amino acids in his bottle of water when doing heavy duty exercises like weights. The preferred BCAAs he takes are BioSteel and Ajinomoto.

Glutamine or Glutamate

The nutritional biochemist also takes this amino acid after a heavy work out in the weight room or after biking and swimming. Glutamine helps the muscles to rebuild after intense training. It also helps the body in muscle and tissue recovery after a workout. You can pick up Thorne Glutamine Powder on Amazon. 

Benefits of amino acids

  • They aid in muscle growth and development
  • Efficient energy production
  • Maintain reliable functioning of neurotransmitters
  • Effective structuring and functioning of proteins
  • Boosting immunity
  • Mood improvement
  • Better sleep
  • Better performance during high energy activities
  • Preventing muscle loss


Dr. Attia takes potassium to avoid muscle cramps. It is an important mineral that plays a critical role in balancing water in the body and muscle contractions. It promotes PH balance and regulates blood pressure as well. While you might get it from certain foods, they may not offer the right amount the body needs. The mineral is not produced naturally in the body, which makes supplements a helpful addition. Potassium occurs naturally in green leafy vegetables, nuts, bananas, oranges, whole grains, and lean meats. The supplements should be a go to choice for anyone who is not getting enough potassium through a balanced diet. They are best prescribed or taken as a dosage to avoid taking too much of it, which may cause health issues.


Dr. Attia gets curcumin from the Pure Encapsulation brand. It is a supplement for keeping the liver, cells, muscle, bones, and colon healthy. The capsules have biopiperine, which enables it to be absorbed effectively to the various organs of your body. Curcumin is the main component in turmeric. It is usually taken with black pepper, which contains piperine, for effective absorption. Dr. Attia takes this once a day to get its anti-inflammatory benefits. Benefits of curcumin include:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Antioxidant effects
  • Improves the brain’s ability to develop new neurons
  • Delaying and reversing age related decrease in brain function
  • Reduction in the risk of heart diseases

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Lithium is mainly connected to mental health. The main foods with lithium are mineral water, potatoes, cereals, cabbage, and tomatoes. Dr. Attia took lithium supplements to experiment whether it would help with mood stabilizing. He consulted his psychiatrist friend, someone who has experience using lithium for bipolar patients, to get a professional opinion and learn about lithium toxicity. Tim Ferriss has also been known to supplement with lithium. When he started out, Dr. Peter was taking 600mg a day of lithium, which he admits is a high dose and advises against taking such dosage levels. He maintains that one should always consult a physician to get the right dose. He encourages you to get lithium levels checked constantly. The physician should examine you for the following reasons:

  • To measure lithium levels in your body
  • Determine when to take lithium
  • Decide which lithium to take of the different forms available
  • Prescribe the right dosage

Taking lithium did have an effect on Dr. Attia’s mood, but it came with side effects, such as nausea. He stopped taking mega doses of the supplement. He says if the ground water lithium levels are true, you do not need to supplement lithium levels. As such, he currently takes 10-20 mg of lithium. He claims that although lithium is probably not harmful, he isn’t really sure about the value he is getting from it. Common uses of lithium include:

  • Improving blood health by treating anemia and low white blood cell count
  • Treats depression
  • For patients with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Treating Schizophrenia

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Prescribed baby aspirin

Dr. Peter considers the aspirin a supplement for the reasons he takes it. He explains that he took aspirin initially as a preventive measure of heart disease, which is something a bit common in his family. He also took it to prevent inflammation, high lipids levels, prevent endothelial dysfunction, and preventing thrombosis, which might cause a heart attack. He recommends taking an aspirin work test. If it is positive, it means the patient has platelet metabolites. A patient is a good candidate for baby aspirin if there is one more reason to do it in conjunction with the positive test, for example elevated lipids and significant heart disease risks. He believes if there are two of these in a patient, it is appropriate for him or her to take the baby aspirin. Dr. Peter advises low risk patients not to take aspirin because as much as the side effects are low, the value of taking it is also a bit low. He prefers a baby aspirin because it is a smaller dose as compared to a normal aspirin, and it works by inhibiting the platelets’ functioning to encourage them to work well if a patient experiences a cut. As a result, he takes up to 4 baby aspirins when on a flight to minimize the chance of a blood clot.

Side effects

  • Easy to bruise
  • Low risk of having an ulcer

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Methyl folate

Dr. Peter revealed that he also takes this supplement because he has MTHFR mutation in an interview with Tim Ferriss. The effect of the mutation is failure of the body to methylate folic acid the right way. Taking the methyl folate is the next best solution to the problem. Folate is a B-vitamin present in certain foods. However, the amount you take in your diet may not be enough for your body needs.


  • Healthy red blood cells development
  • Preventing anemia
  • Effective DNA synthesis
  • preventing brain and spine defects

B-12 and B-6

Dr. Attia takes B12 to get his B-12 levels where he wants them to be. He takes a low dose of B-12 to add to what he already has. He also takes either B-6 or B-12 interchangeably and only twice a week to minimize the number of pill intake. His guiding principle to taking these supplements, or any for that matter, is to have a specific dose, which rhymes with his blood levels. This determines how much or how little he needs of the B-12 or B-6. Deficiency in Vitamin B manifests as skin rashes, sore and cracked lips, glossitis of the tongue, mood imbalance, a low immunity, and feeling tired. Thorne has a great Vitamin B Complex. 


  • Maintaining sufficient energy levels
  • Converting fat and protein to energy – B12
  • Leveling blood sugar levels- B6
  • Preventing anemia – B12


Berberine is plant derived and is an extract that acts like metformin. It is recommended in doses of 500mg or 1000mg twice a day and works by decreasing hepatic glucose output. Activating and regulating AMP kinase triggers the liver to make less glucose. The result is lower insulin and IGF 1 levels. The nutritionist prefers using metformin because it is pharmacological and consistent with what it does. It has been tried and tested, which is a quality that berberine lacks. Attia uses Throne Berberine. The other property and why he uses it for some patients is because it’s a weak PCSK9 enzyme inhibitor. PCSK9 helps the body to break down lipoproteins and particles. Berberine works to lower LDL cholesterol and particles effectively in patients who over express the enzyme. As Dr. Peter keeps emphasizing, you cannot take supplements that someone else is taking because you are likely dealing with different problems. As such, it is advisable to examine your own body and know which supplements are beneficial to you. For instance, berberine is ideal for individuals at risk of getting type 2 diabetes. You do not need it if your blood sugar levels are normal.

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What to eat if you are taking berberine

  • Whole grains
  • Low carb diet
  • Low fat diet
  • High protein meals
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Yoghurt


Rapamycin is an experimental long life drug that Dr. Attia has been taking. Rapamycin is a naturally occurring antifungal agent made from some discovered bacteria in 1966. It is the strongest antifungal drug discovered. It also prevents other elements from proliferating, such as a type of white blood cells referred to as the lymphocyte. It was approved by the FDA in 1999 to treat organ transplant patients. It suppresses the immune system and cells attacking a foreign program, the organ. Dr. Attia has been taking the drug for a few years. It was tested for longevity in a study by Miller Randy and colleagues. In the study, they tested molecules thought to have the ability to increase health and life span. They tested rapamycin on mice and recorded an impressive life span improvement of more than 10 years in male and female mouse life. The dose was also repeated on other animals with different ages and the results were consistent in showing longevity of life. The tests also recorded better vision and hearing, which indicate higher health span.

Side effects

  • Aphthos ulcer or mouth sores
  • Decease in blood cell count due to slow proliferation of blood cells
  • Lowering platelet count
  • Anemia


Attia uses the Jarrow brand PS 100 to improve his sleeping habits. He takes it on occasion to lower adrenal output and to get nutrients that aid in sleep. The supplement has vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.


  • It boosts memory
  • Proper brain functioning
  • It treats and prevents anxiety, depression, Alzheimer, ADHD, sclerosis, and stress
  • Enhances healthy sleep
  • Boost performance during sporting activities

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Vitamin D

In a 2012 video, Dr. Attia explains that multivitamins violate his principle of taking supplements. As a result, he only takes those with the properties he is looking for. He says he has not seen any evidence that multivitamins are good for you. He says his doctor advised him to stop taking them because they can cause harm to people who are already okay health-wise. This is because they might add chemicals to your body. As a result, the doctor takes vitamin D, although he had tried Vitamin K for a while before stopping. The nutritional biochemist reveals that he takes vitamin D based on the target levels he has for his body, which he cannot get without supplementing. He takes Vitamin D supplements daily and sometimes double the dose on the days he feels will be packed and stressful. Attia is a huge fan of Thorne supplements, so we’re going to assume he uses Thorne Vitamin D.


The creatine phosphate system is one of the three energy systems in a human body. Phosphate is important for healthy cells and to prevent muscle contraction. It boosts ion levels too. Creatine provides the immediate phosphate you need as you work out. We have a limited amount of creatine in the body and the phosphate it can give us. This is why creatine supplements are important for energy and body building. If you want to build muscle mass, creatine supplements does this by retaining water within muscles. This, however, is a negative side effect for anyone trying to lose weight. Dr. Peter reveals he has gained 4 to 5 pounds when he is taking creatine, which interferes with his cycling workout because of the extra weight. He is not sure about the level of endurance creatine supplements creates with long exerting activities, such as long distance swimming and running. He says it works better with short activities or those requiring high energy level boosts. Formally, the supplement was available as creatine monohydrate. Nowadays, however, it comes in a smaller form mixed with other agents. The new form helps it get into muscles easily. For instance, creatine is mixed with nitric oxide and other substances that ensures you only take a small amount to prevent pronounced side effects.

Side effects

  • Weight gain is the main side effect
  • Combination of the supplement with caffeine may cause Parkinson’s disease

Zetia and Lipitor

Doctor Peter takes these seasonally. These are lipid lowering supplements that act as longevity medications. High lipid levels can cause atherosclerosis diseases. As such, he does not take them continually because through experimenting, he discovered that he synthesizes cholesterol well and his low lipitor dosage of thrice a week and three doses of zetia make the right balance.

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Blood glucose

Dr. Attia takes supplements that help to level blood glucose, such as magnesium, berberine, and Vitamin D. However, he reveals that having a blood glucose monitor is more effective because you can monitor your blood sugar in real time. It is a motivating factor to maintain a healthy diet and a reminder that you have a goal to achieve. A healthy diet is important to prevent spiking glucose. Without it, you might take the supplements but give into the temptation of ingesting high carbohydrate level foods like junk. A monitor is the bridge between making the final decision of actually doing it. Dr. Attia uses the KETO-MOJO blood glucose and ketone monitor.

Brands of Supplements

Dr. Attia gets most of his supplements from Jarrow and Pure Encapsulations. He also goes to other brands for some specific kinds of supplements. For instance, he also trusts Carlson and Nordic Naturals for EPA and DHA fatty acids and Thorne for pretty much everything else it seems. We all want to live long and healthy lives and accomplish all the goals that we have set. Using the right supplements will help you do just that. Dr. Attia says the supplement journey is unique for each individual. One should do their research to find the best supplements for themselves. He emphasizes that you should experiment with different combinations to find what works for you. Avoid taking supplements just because you need to perform at the gym without doing enough research.

Dr. Attia’s Biohacking Toolkit

Attia is a strong proponent of using technology for health and longevity. He’s been regularly featured in the media due to his involvement in the area. Below are some of the tools he uses (or recommends) for biohacking:

Abbott Precision Xtra Ketone Meter

The Abbot Precision Xtra Ketone meter is a device for measuring ketone levels in your blood. Ketones are an alternative source of energy the body can use when carbohydrates are low, and therefore, this is useful for knowing whether you’re in ketosis (fat burning) or not. The readings provide insights into the ratio of fat to carbohydrates being burned by your body. As a bonus, the Abbott Precision Xtra is a multi-use device that can measure glucose and lactate levels.

Dr. Attia is an adamant user of ketone meters and believes it’s one of his most powerful tools to manage longevity. He also uses it for intermittent fasting (he follows a 16/8 regimen). He cites research that shows the ketone levels are higher as compared to other methods of intermittent fasting. According to Dr. Attia, Ketone measurements should ideally be done before eating (i.e. not after breakfast or lunch). In-between meals are ideal since it’s a better reflection of what’s going on in your body – especially if you have an active lifestyle. RELATED READING: Joe Rogan’s Intense Morning Routine

Omega Speedmaster Pro Watch

Peter Attia is a big fan of analog watches, and he always wears his Omega Speedmaster Pro when he’s working out. It’s “old school”, but data from it can help you monitor your workout in real-time (including heart rate, distance ran, pace, etc.). He uses this watch to track his workouts and is a big proponent of this being an excellent tool for people who want to start monitoring their health in real-time.

The Omega Speedmaster Pro-Watch is costly, but is a legendary analog watch. However, you can also get cheaper alternatives like the Casio Protrek, which has similar functions.

Chilisleep Ooler

The OOLER by Chilisleep is a temperature controlled bed system designed to keep you cool at night. The OOLER does this by circulating water through a thermal pad placed on top of your mattress. Sleeping at a cooler body temperature promotes more restful sleep and deeper recovery. A control unit sends the water back and forth between it and the pad, sending it out at a temperature you specify (55-100 degrees Fahrenheit). The unit can be operated manually or through a Bluetooth phone app. The OOLER has sensors that monitor your sleeping patterns and adjust the bed’s firmness accordingly such that you are always at the perfect level of support for your specific movement profile.

Dr. Attia believes that this is an incredibly useful tool for people who have sleep problems (such as chronic insomnia or those who wake up during the night and can’t get back to sleep). He uses it regularly and finds that it improves his overall quality of sleep. While he has quite a few biohacking tools in his arsenal, he regards the OOLER as one of the most useful ones. The OOLER has a premium price tag, but he recommends it as an excellent investment. It’s one of the most expensive biohacking tool in his arsenal, but he says that it’s absolutely worth it! The mattress has served him very well over the years, and he’s a big fan of it.

Keto Mojo Ketone & Glucose Meter

The Keto Mojo Ketone & Glucose Meter is a newer tool that Dr. Peter Attia uses to monitor his blood lactate levels. He recently discovered it after being intrigued by the concept of measuring ketone levels. As with most new products, there’s always something that you don’t know about until you test it out for yourself. For instance, he found out that the readings from this device are a little bit off. This is probably something that can be easily fixed with an update or two. So, if you’re interested in using it to measure glucose levels (and not just lactate), then he suggests that you test your blood after eating something – and use the reading as a general guideline. For example, if the reading says you have 10 mmol/dL blood glucose, and then your finger prick test says you’re at 5mmol/dl, he advises that you might consider eating something just so that it shows up on the meter. However, he does like how easy this device is to use! He doesn’t have to hold down the test strip with a finger while he’s looking at the screen, and because it doesn’t require any coding, all you need to do is press start. He also enjoys that everything fits into one device! This meter comes with enough strips for 20 tests – which means that this is something you should buy extra of because you’re going to want to keep using it. It’s also good to remember that Keto Mojo Meter and the test strips are separate purchases, so keep that in mind if you’re debating between them. RELATED READING: Joe Rogan’s Morning Kale Shake Recipes

OneTouch Ultra2 Blood Glucose Meter

Peter Attia has a deep affection for blood glucose meters and uses them constantly to check his levels. He has quite a few meters, but he believes that this one (the OneTouch Ultra2 Blood Glucose Meter) is one of the best ones out there because of it’s accuracy. His healthcare team gives him a set of new meter needles every month, and he puts them to use by testing his blood sugar levels. He’s an avid user of this device and is still using it regularly – after over 5 years! He has a lot of respect for people who actively monitor their health (such as monitoring blood glucose levels in real-time). As a general rule, he recommends wearing a blood glucose meter on your Wrist or upper arm (depending on your body build) and using a separate device to check blood glucose levels. He believes it’s essential for people serious about their health to monitor blood glucose levels regularly – even if you don’t have a chronic health condition. Also, minor deviations from standard blood glucose levels could indicate something else going on that you should be aware of! The price tag for the OneTouch Ultra2 Blood Glucose Meter isn’t bad at all.

Dexcom G6 Mobile CGM System

This is an incredible device that allows users to track their glucose levels continuously on a smartphone. For example, the Dexcom G6 connects to your smartphone and sends data every five minutes (or less – depending on how active you are). The readings can be beneficial for managing blood sugar levels related to diabetes.

Dr. Attia uses this for managing his own diabetes and is a huge advocate of it. In fact, he recommends the Dexcom G6 as an extraordinarily convenient and accurate way to track blood sugar levels in real-time. He has experienced a significant reduction in hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) events as a result. Dr. Attia recommends wearing the CGM device on the body part with maximum variation between readings – i.e. Wrist or upper arm. He also cautions against putting it over your biceps since this could cause false readings (people who exercise a lot tend to have increased glucose levels in that area).

Ten Percent Happier App

Peter Attia is a great meditation enthusiast, and he believes it’s one of the most powerful tools that you can use to improve your focus, productivity, and performance at work. He uses this app regularly because it’s straightforward to integrate into his routine. He values meditation highly as an effective way to get important insights about things going on in his life. Attia recommends that you use a guided meditation session as a tool for learning to control your mind. He also believes that the body follows the mind and therefore, using this app is one of the best ways to improve focus and mental clarity over time. One of his favorite features is that it’s an excellent way to break the ice if you’re meeting someone new or attending an event where it’s awkward to start a conversation. He recommends this app because it’s very easy to use and has some fascinating guided meditation sessions to help you learn how to meditate effectively. The Ten Percent Happier App can be easily accessed on your smartphone or tablet, and it costs a few dollars. It’s not too expensive, but the real value comes from using the app regularly as part of your morning routine (preferably every day). He says that this app is one of his favorite biohacking tools!

Nova Medical Lactate Plus

Dr. Peter Attia recommends using this wrist-blood gas monitor (the Nova Medical Lactate Plus Wrist-Blood Gas Monitor) to test lactate levels while exercising regularly. He uses it in combination with an optical heart rate monitor to keep track of his workouts better. As a general rule, he recommends using your breath rate as a marker of effort and intensity – and not just rely on heart rate. Additionally, his readings from the lactate test have matched up well with what he gets from his optical heart rate monitor. He also uses it to test blood glucose levels during the chillsleep oolator session because these two blood tests sync up better than those taken from his finger. He considers this a cheap, easy-to-use tool, and if you’re serious about monitoring your blood lactate levels regularly while exercising, then definitely pick one of these up! Lactate levels go way up when you do hard workouts, and it’s precious to know where your levels are so you can tailor a training program specific to your needs. One downside is that it doesn’t indicate when the unit is ready, which often results in him squeezing his finger too hard and getting blood all over the place! If you’re using this tool during exercise, it’s probably best to wear thin gloves, so this doesn’t happen. But if you’re like Attia and you use it at a regular time in the morning, then you should be fine.

Arkray Lactate Pro

This is the tool that Peter Attia uses for taking blood samples from himself when he wants to monitor lactate levels at different times of the day. He recommends that you do this occasionally to see how your level fluctuates during various activities and rest periods. The idea here is not to test your blood constantly, but rather, it’s more of a way for you to learn how your body functions. This is mainly useful if you’re already doing some regular training program. One thing to note about blood glucose levels is that it takes an hour after eating before it shows up in your bloodstream. This means that you shouldn’t be surprised if your readings are low – even if you haven’t eaten in a few hours. In his opinion, it’s always good to have this tool around because it’s easy to use. But he suggests that you focus more on resting blood lactate levels as opposed to blood glucose levels.


This is a wellness ring and an app meant to help you get restful sleep after a busy day. It connects to an EEG brain sensor that Attia wears on his finger. The way it works is by monitoring your sleep cycles without wearing a cumbersome headband to bed. This product can be used in conjunction with the Lifesense ring from our list of ketosis products. But he only uses one of them at a time. This is because he doesn’t want to wear two rings – one for sleep and the other for exercise. So, if you’re interested in using this ring to track your sleep cycles, then it’s best to use both of these tools at once. If you prefer not to purchase the Lifesense Ring, you can always get the OURA ring and use it by itself. But then, you have to keep in mind that it’s less accurate if you are using only one of them. It will be better for you since it won’t be spending as much time on sleep tracking! With that said, he did try this product out during a run and found it to be quite accurate – especially with regard to heart rate. He also likes that the app is easily customizable to tweak the settings to fit your needs.

Dr. Peter Attia’s Diet

Dr. Attia created this Dr. Peter Attia diet after numerous rounds of self-experimentation with various diets, including low carb diets and both high carb and low carb/calorie cycling diets. The results showed that he could maintain his performance in an Ironman Triathlon while consuming only 19-30 grams of carbohydrates per day. Subsequently, this diet was developed for other athletes interested in being their best without consuming an excessive amount of carbohydrates.

Time Restricted Feeding

Dr. Attia has been made famous for his time restricted feeding. Attia will typically fast anywhere from 14-22 hours per day, and at the extreme end will follow the OMAD diet (One Meal a Day). Attia will typically during intermittent fasting where he eats all his calories in an eight hour window. Peter typically never eats breakfasts.

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Entering Ketosis Once Per Week

Dr. Attia once spent over three years in nutritional ketosis according to Tools of Titans. During this time, Attia was able to maintain an extremely high level of performance in ultra-long distance cycling, while still maintaining insane strength levels. Nowadays, Attia will enter ketosis at least once per week as opposed to living in ketosis. He does this by fasting and having one primary meal per day from 6 to 8 p.m.

The Diet

For best results, Dr. Peter Attia Diet should be followed for a minimum of three months. The main idea behind this diet plan is to reduce insulin levels and deplete muscle and liver glycogen (stored carbohydrates in the body). By doing this, your body will become more efficient at burning fat, allowing you to lose weight quickly. This process is known as Ketosis, where ketones are formed by breaking down fats into fatty acids and glycerol. The end result is that your blood glucose (sugar) levels remain stable throughout the day while your insulin stays low. Your blood sugar should not rise above 100 milligrams/deciliter, while cortisol levels remain lower too, since there’s no intake of carbohydrates. This plan is best used in conjunction with regular exercise to maximize the benefits of this diet. The good news about the Dr. Peter Attia diet is that you’ll be eating many delicious foods while still losing weight. Some examples include beef, chicken, nuts and seeds, cheese, eggs, and butter. When planning your meals using this diet plan, the main thing to remember is that you should get around 25-30% protein from your food sources. In addition, you have to restrict fats consumption to less than 10% of total calorie consumption. This means that if you’re on an intake of 2000 calories per day, no more than 200 calories should be coming from fat consumption (about 20 grams). Note: these percentages are based on daily calorie consumption, so depending on which diet phase you’re in during the three-month duration of this diet, you should plan accordingly to hit these macronutrient targets every day. In the first phase of this diet, you’ll consume around 80% of your total calories from fat and protein, with 20% from carbohydrate sources. In other words, you will eat a lot of healthy fats and proteins while virtually eliminating carbs. On Dr. Attia’s diet, you should not consume more than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day when starting the first phase of the diet. In addition to that, you have to consume at least 10 servings of non-starchy vegetables throughout the day, which will allow you to reach your daily carbohydrate limit without exceeding it. In phase two of his diet plan, carbs are gradually brought back into your dietary routine as long as they don’t have a negative impact on insulin levels and blood sugar levels. You can start introducing some sweet potatoes or squash in phase 2, which makes this diet a little bit easier to follow since fruit is restricted too on the initial phases of this diet. Keep in mind, though, that if one apple has 25 grams of carbohydrates, you’d have to eat a minimum of 5 apples for this fruit alone to hit your daily carbohydrate goal. In the third phase of this diet plan, carbs are slowly reintroduced into your routine and will be around 50% of your daily calorie consumption, while proteins and fats stay the same as in the second stage. As with all diets that restrict or eliminate certain food groups from our menu, moderation is key when transitioning from one meal to another. If you’re going from a low-carb, high-fat meal to a higher carbohydrate meal, try adding some healthy fats such as avocados or olive oil so that you don’t rush back into a carb-induced coma. Keep in mind, though, that if this diet doesn’t work for you, you can always go back to the previous meal plan until you find something that does.

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Peter Attia is constantly challenging himself to do things that most people might not even consider. He’s co-founder of the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI, pronounced like “new” without the W). This is a non-profit initiative dedicated to forming a scientific consensus on certain nutritional issues. So, if you’re interested in nutrition science and how it affects our health, this organization can serve as an excellent resource to stay updated with. Attia has done a lot of self-experimentation throughout his life – and that’s pretty evident in the lifestyle changes he’s made for himself. He’s come to a place where he believes that ketosis is the optimal metabolic state for most people, especially if they have diseases like diabetes or obesity. And even if you disagree with him, it’s still interesting to read about his journey and see how he changed his life around once he found out more about nutrition science!  


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