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Dr. Rhonda Patrick is an American biochemist who has done vast amounts of research on nutrition, supplementation, aging, cancer, and overall health. Her break-through work under Dr. Bruce Ames investigated the effects of micronutrient inadequacies on metabolism, inflammation, DNA damage, and aging and whether supplementation can reverse the damage. She has heavily investigated the role of Vitamin D on brain function, behavior, hormones, and immune function.

She has been making the rounds on many popular podcasts, including the Joe Rogan Experience due to her expertise in anything regarding supplementation. Without further adu, let’s take a look at Dr. Rhonda Patricks Vitamin D protocol.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick Vitamin D Brand & Dosage

Dr. Rhonda Patrick believes taking vitamin D supplements every day offers a wide range of health benefits. She had discussed the optimal dosage on both her website and a variety of different podcasts. Rhonda’s optimal dosage is 5,000iu daily. She is currently supplementing with Thorne Research Vitamin D3.

She has tweeted several important studies available for reference at on this tweet thread. One study demonstrated the importance of vitamin D frequency and dosage in randomized controlled trials. This study determined vitamin D provides protection for infections of the respiratory tract. Both daily and weekly dosages have shown protective properties. The same is not true of monthly and single doses.

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Another study demonstrated the potential of vitamin D as a clinical benefit in population-based trials. There is a possibility supplementing with vitamin D can decrease the severity of the COVID-19 infection and eliminate the need for hospitalization. The study involved an investigation of supplementation using prophylactic vitamin D supplements. Rhonda has always believed adequate supplementation of vitamin D is essential, this is especially true due to the severity and destructive nature of COVID-19.

For this reason, she made a special appearance in 2020 on the Joe Regan podcast to discuss the link between the severity of COVID-19 and low levels of vitamin D. She quoted a meta-analysis appearing in the British Medical Journal regarding 25 different randomized controlled trials. The results showed the safety of vitamin D supplementation in addition to the protections provided for acute respiratory tract infections. There is also existing knowledge suggesting vitamin D may have a critical role in the regulation of the immune system which might include viral infection immune responses. You can pick up Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s Vitamin D3 supplement on Amazon. 

Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s Vitamin D Sweet Spot

Rhonda’s goal is to ensure her levels of vitamin D remain roughly between 40 ng/ml and 50 ng/ml. Since the measurements for certain geographies are in nmol/L, conversions can easily be reached using an online units calculator. Obtaining the correct amount of vitamin D is not possible with diet alone. The UV light from the sun is just as important. Since most people do not receive enough natural sunlight, the importance of supplements has increased. Vitamin D is different than vitamin C because it is fat-soluble and can be stored by the body.

Conducting regular blood testing is important because levels of vitamin D can be too high. Blood tests ensure the vitamin D level remains in the healthy range. Consistently visiting a physician for blood tests is unnecessary due to the availability of blood tests both at local outlets and online, requiring just a finger prick. Rhonda has stated in numerous places she is taking 5,000iu of vitamin D on a daily basis. Her multivitamin alone contains 2,0010IU of vitamin D. In the past, she has stated the vitamin D brand she uses is Thorne D3 which offers 5,000iu and 1,000iu capsules.

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Rhonda has also mentioned she frequently uses the vitamin D brand Life Extension. This product is available in capsules also offering 5,000iu and 1,000iu doses. Her recommendation is to take vitamin D every day at a dosage of 5,000iu. She recommends using only the top and most highly trusted brands as supplements. Due to her influence, a lot of people are now including vitamin stacks as a daily health staple. Good health will never go out of style. Dr. Patrick goes into detail on the Vitamin D “sweet spot” and it’s effect on anti-aging below.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick Essential Supplement List

In addition to her recommendation of vitamin D, Rhonda has an essential supplement list including:

• Melatonin
• Vitamin C
• Probiotics
• Hydrolyzed Collagen
• Glutathione
• Multivitamin
• N-acetyl L-cysteine
• Magnesium Citramate
• Zinc
• Quercetin
• Vitamin D3
• Sulforaphane
• Healthy Fats

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The Importance of Vitamin D

The importance of vitamin D has been under discussion for a longer period of time due to its importance for overall health. Unfortunately, a lot of people remain deficient in vitamin D. This is the result of using sunscreen and remaining indoors for the majority of the day. The term vitamin D can be misleading because it does not function the same way as a vitamin. The function of vitamin D is actually similar to a hormone. This remains true whether the vitamin is obtained from the sun, through foods or supplements.

Vitamin D is then converted by the body into calcitriol, a steroid hormone. Once the active form is achieved, it travels all over the body while filling a role for several diverse functions including:

• Building muscles and bones
• Helping create proteins and enzymes for disease prevention
• Providing anti-inflammatory effects
• Affecting the aging process

A link has been established between stronger immune systems and vitamin D levels. Low levels are linked to cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Despite almost every tissue and cell within the body having vitamin D receptors, the full implications are still not understood clearly. It is a known fact protein will bind to this vitamin. Once active, vitamin D will interact with the majority of cells in the body. As an expert in vitamin D, Rhonda Partick has revealed her most current research regarding the effect of vitamin D including:

• The aging process
• Autoimmunity
• Mood
• Autism

Below is an excellent video of Dr. Patrick discussing the benefits of Vitamin D on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Vitamin D Deficiency in the United States

To fully understand how many people living in the world are vitamin D deficient, this phrase must be defined. The medical model used by the United States Endocrine Society covers a wide range of vitamin D functions as opposed to just bones. According to this organization, the adequate vitamin D sweet spot is over 30 ng/ml. If the levels are 20 ng/ml to 29 ng/ml, it is inadequate. At a level of 20 ng/ml, the individual is vitamin D deficient. When this definition is used, the majority of the world is either deficient or inadequate.

Several studies were conducted assessing worldwide vitamin D levels through meta-analysis. The average across the globe is 20 ng/ml. This means the world population is on the edge of full deficiency. Roughly 70 percent of the people living in the United States have a vitamin D level below 30ng/ml.

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The Final Word

The world has finally begun to realize doctors are not filled with infinite knowledge. This is especially true for supplements and nutrition. Unfortunately, not every doctor is the picture of perfect health, with many in very poor shape. For this reason, Dr. Rhonda Patrick is extremely important. She understands new information and research is consistently available on many topics such as gut health. She takes the time to explain these important findings. Without good health, it is incredibly difficult if not impossible to revel in the joy of life.

Adding supplements to a healthy diet will most likely not hurt anyone. In most cases, it will certainly help. There have always been people with doubts and there always will be. The bottom line is each individual must decide for themselves what is best for their life. Rhonda has taken many studies into consideration before developing her supplement regimen. She includes a daily dose of 5,000iu each day. Under normal circumstances, this is very important. You can get Dr. Patrick’s vitamin D3 supplement on Amazon.

Due to the ravages COVID-19 has left on the world, the importance of vitamin D has increased even further. When the importance of vitamin D is considered in regards to the health of the human body, it becomes essential for good overall health.

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