Tom Brady’s Supplement Stack


Tom Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. What can be said about the legendary, record-breaking quarterback who has achieved Super Bowl glory seven times? There is simply no one who is doing it the way that Tom Brady has done it.

Can this legendary athlete’s successes be attributed to superior genetics and legendary skill, or could it possibly be chalked up to his intense health and supplement regime?

Below, we’ll go over how Brady’s long, successful career likely couldn’t have taken place without his supreme blend of supplements, as well as exactly what those supplements are and how they’re helpful.

Tom Brady’s Supplement Stack

Dissatisfied with the current supplements on the market, Tom Brady decided to start his own supplement company called TB12. Below you will find his complete stack that he takes on a daily basis that allow him to play at an elite level at such an old age.

Multivitamin – TB12 Multivitamin

Fish Oil – TB12 Omega

Protein – TB12 Plant Based Protein Powder

Probiotic – TB12 Probiotic

Electrolyte – TB12 Electrolyte & Mineral Powder

Vitamin D/Testosterone Support – TB12 Vitamin D

Nootropic – TB12 Focus

Brady’s Long Career And The Supplements That Helped Him Get There

Tom Brady is 43 years old. Considering the average age of NFL players, that’s absolutely staggering. Some, if not most, would consider him the greatest of all time (or the GOAT). How has he been able to achieve such lofty heights?

Brady’s diet and workouts are intense, but this is true of every NFL member. The thing that has pushed the GOAT over the top is his supplement regime, appropriately dubbed the TB12 method.

No diet is able to fulfill 100% of the nutritional needs that your body needs. That said, the TB12 supplements are a special blend that ensures your body will be able to run at peak performance by filling in what might be lacking in a regular diet. Additionally, if you’re an athlete, you need to make sure that you don’t take any supplements that might ping a positive result on a drug test. The TB12 method guarantees that their supplements do not contain any banned substances.

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The Tom Brady supplements completely enhance the quality of life of everyone who takes them, whether they’re athletes or not! It could enhance your quality of life by helping to increase performance and improve muscle recovery.

It’s important to remember and note that supplements should not be used as a replacement for your regular diet. And, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting any sort of new regiment!

The Supplements, Broken Down

There are five supplements included in the TB12 method: TB12 Multivitamin, TB12 Focus, TB12 Omega, TB12 Probiotic, and TB12 Vitamin D. Below, we’ll give you a breakdown of each supplement, and how they’ll help you become a healthier, more well-rounded individual!

Keep in mind that, while these supplements work best together, they can also be taken individually to supplement whatever you might be missing in your diet and workout regimens.

TB12 Multivitamin

The first supplement in Tom Brady’s stack is the TB12 Multivitamin. Multivitamins are an important part of many individual’s daily routines, whether they’re a part of the TB12 regime or not. These vitamins help ensure that your body has all the micronutrients it needs to function successfully. Again, this does not replace a healthy, well-rounded diet, but it is a great way to fill holes that might fall by the wayside otherwise.

The TB12 Multivitamin offers at least 100% of the daily value (DV) of many crucial nutrients that your body needs. It is also chopped full of antioxidants and is free of fillers and additives, which is not something that most multivitamins can say about themselves.

This multivitamin consists of a blend of spinach and berry extract, which provide phytonutrients (nutrients that protect cells from the damages that exercise-induced free radicals). Rest assured that when you’re taking the TB12 Multivitamin, you’re putting something great into your body.

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TB12 Omega

A staple in any supplement stack, Brady takes TB12 Omega Fish Oil. If you’ve been around the supplement world for a while, you’ve likely heard about Omega-3 fatty acids, and how beneficial they are to include in your diet. Unfortunately, most individuals don’t get enough Omega-3s through their food alone. In fact, the average American diet contains an Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio of between 10-20:1, when the recommended ratio is actually 1:1.

TB12 Omega is an Omega-3 supplement that is safe for everyone, from your average joe to the most elite of athletes. Many fish oils (which are the best source of Omega-3 fatty acids) contain heavy metals or other potentially dangerous components. The TB12 Omega, on the other hand, contains only pure Omega-3-rich fish oil, derived from anchovies and sardines.

The pure Omega-3-rich fish oils that TB12 uses undergo an intense molecular distillation to rid it of any potential contaminants. When tested for unwanted heavy metals, TB12 Omega always passes well below acceptable thresholds.

TB12 knew they wanted to include an Omega-3 supplement in their regiment because Omega-3s are incredibly beneficial for both brain health and optimal muscle performance. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are both compounds included in TB12-Omega.

EPA helps improve the efficiency of oxygen delivery from your lungs to your muscles and assists with functions that contribute to a healthy heart and healthy lungs. DHA is a fatty acid that is found abundantly in the brain and is an incredibly important helper for neurological development, memory, and brain function. With both these included in TB12-Omega, it’s sure to do wonders for your health.

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TB12 Plant-Based Protein Powder

To ensure he gets enough protein to recover from his workouts, Tom takes TB12 Plant-Based Protein Powder. Protein is one of the most important components of a healthy diet. Made up of chemicals called amino acids, protein is the building block that helps repair muscles, build strong bones, and make hormones and enzymes.

TB12 Plant-Based Protein Powder is derived from a single plant source: peas! This protein powder is specifically designed to “help you move from workdays to workouts”. Clean and completely sustainable, each serving of powder delivers a complete amino acid profile, contains no sugar, and just a single net carb. Plus, with three different flavors, it mixes into a delicious protein smoothie or shake! You can pick up a few different flavors of the TB12 protein powder on Amazon.

TB12 Probiotic

To keep his gut healthy, Tom Brady supplements with TB12 Probiotic. Eating right is the first step toward being a happy, healthy individual. If you don’t fuel yourself properly, you won’t be able to perform properly, either.

Probiotics promote a healthy gut, which is one of the most important parts of nutrition. Having a healthy gut allows your body to absorb nutrients efficiently and effectively. There are many things that can set your gut off balance, so utilizing a high-quality probiotic is a great way to keep it on track.

TB12 Probiotic utilizes eight different strains of probiotics, as well as a prebiotic fiber to keep your gut healthy. In fact, these probiotics will aid your gut’s natural microflora in nutrient absorption, and help you maintain a consistent metabolism. Trials have even shown that the TB12 Probiotic can help strengthen your immune system.

TB12 Electrolyte Powder

Many of the sports drinks on the market as packed with sugar and are missing key ingredients, this is why Brady created TB12 Electrolyes. Drinking enough water is the first step of staying hydrated, but it’s not quite enough. Electrolytes like sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate dissolve into your blood and help maintain water balance.

TB12 Electrolyte Powder contains 72 trace minerals and electrolytes that will help you get the most out of every sip of water you take. It will help you replace any essential minerals that you lose, whether through exercise or simple perspiration. Plus, you can also get it in individual packets. The video below shows how important Tom Brady takes his recovery, which includes the supplements on this list.

TB12 Vitamin D

Finally, there’s the TB12-version of the sunshine vitamin, which can be tricky for some people who live in places without a lot of sunshine to obtain steadily.

Vitamin D is a very important nutrient, responsible for supporting muscle recovery, boosting your immune system, and increasing your absorption of calcium. It’s even been linked to boosting mental health.

This particular vitamin is an important part of any athlete’s diet, as it supports musculoskeletal strength. It can also help improve proximal muscle strength, cell growth, and muscle performance speed. According to scientific studies, supplementing with Vitamin D actually increases testosterone levels.

TB12 Vitamin D has 625% of your daily vitamin D needs and contains no additives or fillers. Therefore, you can be sure that when you’re putting TB12 in your body, you’re getting the best of the best, and none of the worst.

TB12 Focus

A healthy mind is an incredibly important part of being a well-rounded individual, and TB12 Focus helps keep your brain in great shape, and your mindset positive. Whether you’re an athlete or not, keeping a healthy mind will help keep every aspect of your life in check!

Clinical trials have shown that TB12 Focus (which is comprised of acetyl-l-carnitine, alpha-lipoic acid, and biotin) improves a variety of cognitive functions, including neurotransmission, mitochondrial function, healthy gene expression, and nutrient transport. It also includes lutein, a compound found in leafy greens, and alpha-GPC, which is naturally occurring in the brain!

Just like the TB12 Multivitamin, TB12 Focus contains extra antioxidants from a fruit and berry blend of wild blueberry, cranberry, tart cherry, and more! These antioxidants, can go a long way to helping memory and slowing down the degeneration of brain tissue.

Finally, just to note, the TB12 program is a great proponent of cognitive and brain health. Their TB12 BrainHQ project helps exercise the brain using many different exercises and games. This training is great for improving cognitive function and works in tandem with TB12 Focus perfectly.


As you can see, Tom Brady takes his health and supplementation very seriously. It is this dedication that has allowed him to perform at such a high level into his 40s. The TB12 Method is intense and not easy, but by eating healthier and adding these supplements into your routine, you will notice a huge difference in your performance in the gym and throughout your day-to-day life.