Joe Rogan’s Intense Morning Routine


Joe Rogan rings in at 52 years of age, but appears to have more energy than a 25 year-old. The man is incredibly busy – from his daily podcast where he maintains his focus for hours on end, only to be followed up by either UFC announcing or some other media event where he always has to be “on”.

In order to perform at such a high-level, Rogan takes incredible care of his body and mind. From his insane supplement stack, to his brutal workout regime, Rogan has put in the research to find what works best.

“I do everything that I can to put my body and my brain in a good place, so that I’m keeping my engine smooth. I’m changing my oil. I’m changing my spark plugs… I know that I’ve done my best to keep it working the best that it can.” – Joe Rogan

What has seemingly been overlooked up to this point is Joe’s morning routine. While it may not be as calculated as say Tim Ferriss’ morning routine, it certainly sets the tone for a productive day.

From his “Hulk Loads” kale shake to performing yoga or cardio in a fasted state, Rogan definitely starts his day with intention.

Fasted Cardio

Joe Rogan is a huge practitioner of intermittent fasting, in which he only eats during an 8-hour window. This allows Rogan to do fasted cardio in the morning. Joe does a variety of different cardio workouts, such as going for a run with his dog, a hike, or sometimes a brutal tabata workout on his Rogue Fitness Echo Bike, which he describes in the Instagram post below. Joe will schedule his workouts for the week on Sunday, typically incorporating weight training, yoga, and cardio.

Performing cardio while in a fasted state in the morning maximizes fat-loss, while also giving you a mental boost by releasing endorphins. The benefits of morning cardio are endless, and it is the perfect start to a productive day.

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Drinks Coffee

While Rogan used to be a huge proponent of mixing Bulletproof Coffee with Onnit Emulsified MCT Oil and grass-fed butter, but he has since switched over to Caveman Coffee, which was founded by his good friend Tait Fletcher.

In an Instagram post, Rogan raves about how Caveman Coffee Cold Brew is his favorite way to catch a morning buzz. Rogan has honestly endorsed numerous coffee brands over the years, and since Onnit (a company he co-owns) just released their new F*CK Yeah! Coffee – which is absolutely loaded with caffeine – he has likely switched over his coffee allegiance to them.

Hydrate With Water & Himalayan Salt

In a YouTube video describing his morning routine, Rogan talks about how he immediately hydrates with water and Himalayan pink salt in the morning. This may sound weird, but it’s actually ridiculously smart. Himalayan pink salt has been shown to create an electrolyte balance, increase hydration, prevent muscle cramping, and balance pH levels.

When you wake up, your body is dehydrated. By drinking water when you first wake up, you replenish your hydration levels and give your body the fluids it needs to perform at the highest level. In fact, studies show that high water consumption actually reduces your daily calorie intake, which helps promote fat-loss and a healthy metabolism. One study even showed that drinking water before eating breakfast reduced calorie intake by 13%.

So it’s beneficial to do what Joe refers to as “changing his oil” by making sure to keeping your body adequately hydrated. Try to shoot for a gallon of water a day. Plus, you can get 2 pounds of Himalayan pink salt on Amazon for under 10 bucks, so why not?

He Makes a Massive Kale Shake

If you’ve listened to Rogan’s podcast extensively, you’ve likely heard him talk about his infamous “Hulk Loads” kale shake. Joe uses his Blendtec Blender to whip up what he calls his “morning nutrient blast” every morning for breakfast. Keep in mind that Joe practices intermittent fasting, so he likely drinks this shake a few hours after waking up.

As he describes in the post above, this shake will make you feel fantastic and give you a big burst of energy.

Here are the ingredients for Joe’s “Hulk Loads” Kale Shake:

  • 1 Cucumber
  • 1 Apple
  • 4 Cloves of Garlic
  • Large Chuck of Ginger Root
  • 3 Stalks of Celery
  • Large Clump of Kale

It’s important to note that Rogan likely doesn’t check off every single one of these routines every morning, but he likely gets 3 out of 4 of them everyday.

By incorporating these routines into your morning routine, you will notice a drastic difference in your productivity and energy levels throughout the day.