Tim Ferriss’ Recommended Kitchen Towels From The 4-Hour Chef


If you have ever been to a professional kitchen, or watched one episode of Masterchef, you’ll notice that the chefs are all using some sort of towel attached at their waist. In fact, many chefs consider a good kitchen towel to be just as important as a strong knife and a sturdy cutting board.

I was made aware of the importance of a good kitchen towel in Tim Ferriss’ bestselling book The 4-Hour Chef. After his first visit to Riverpark restaurant in New York, Ferriss was in pursuit of a stack of solid chef’s towels – but, he couldn’t find them anywhere. After laboriously searching, Ferriss finally found the answer: Lint-Free Surgical Huck Towels. Ferriss recommends ordering a dozen off of Amazon to start.

Why Lint-Free Surgical Huck Towels?

Look, you’re not going to see your favorite chef using an oven mitt or pot holder. They use kitchen towels for a reason, and these towels ARE NOT to be confused with dish towels. These versatile towels are used for almost anything you can imagine in the kitchen. You can use them to wipe away clutter, as a hand wiper, to dry wet vegetables and herbs, and remove hot pans or other items by folding the towel over itself – the uses in the kitchen are practically endless. Another pro tip is to wet a kitchen towel, fold it nicely, and place it under your cutting board while cutting. This will hold the cutting board still, almost as if it is glued to your kitchen counter.

By utilizing a kitchen towel, you can clean as you go, without having to go through a roll of paper towels. This versatile tool will make you look like a pro in the kitchen, while saving you money on paper towels. There’s no reason to waste anymore time searching for hidden oven mitts, pot holders, or sponges. There is no better way to impress and take your home-cooking to the next level, than by investing in a good set of lint-free surgical huck towels. In The 4-Hour Chef, Tim Ferriss recommends picking up a dozen of lint-free surgical huck towels on Amazon. They are super cheap, and wash extremely well.