Tim Ferriss’ Breakfast Routine – The Micro Breakfast Kit He Uses Daily


Tim Ferriss the author of five #1 New York Times bestsellers, most of which explore optimizing every aspect of your life. Ferriss is a life-long experimenter and will try anything in the name of human optimization.

His podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, is one of the top podcasts on iTunes. By interviewing the world’s leading experts on everything from the keto diet to performance supplements, Ferriss has developed what he calls a “micro-breakfast kit” that is designed for weight-loss as well as taking your productivity to the next level.

It’s crazy that what we put into our body has so much effect on how we feel, how much energy we have, and even how we sleep. Tim’s breakfast routine is like nothing you have seen before; it has everything from exogenous ketones to beet powder. Without further ado, let’s dive into Tim Ferriss’ breakfast kit.

Tim Ferriss’ Breakfast Routine

To get started, let’s introduce the components for Tim’s micro-breakfast kit:

Source of Ketones or MCT Oil

The first thing Tim will have with his breakfast his some form of exogenous ketone or MCT oil. You can pick whatever you prefer here, as MCT oil is readily converted into exogenous ketones by the liver. Tim uses either KetoForce as his source of exogenous ketones—which was introduced to him by keto expert Dom D’Agostino—or Brain Octane by BulletProof when he goes with MCT Oil.

The type of exogenous ketone utilized in both of these supplements is Caprylic Acid, better known as C8. Out of all the MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), C8 outperforms the others when it comes to weight-loss, energy production, and ketone production. This is because C8 is the shortest of the MCTs, which allows to be broken down and converted to ketones almost immediately by the body.

By taking a C8 ketone supplement such as KetoForce or Brain Octane, you give your body a dose of pure, stable energy. Ketones are a much better source of energy when compared to glucose because ketones provide more energy while actually using less oxygen. You will feel the mental clarity and clean energy just minutes after taking a good ketone supplement.

In addition to providing clean energy, C8 is a powerful antibacterial and has cancer-fighting properties. Ferriss recalled that in his research, C8 slowed the growth of tumors and reduced oxygen requirements when doing endurance work.

Option 1: 3 capfuls of KetoForce with lemon juice in water

Option 2: 1 capful of Brain Octane in tea

Breakfast Shake

The next component of Tim Ferriss’ breakfast is a protein shake. Now, this isn’t your traditional protein shake. Here are the following ingredients:

Tera’s Goat Whey Protein is sourced from ethically, pasture raised goats from Wisconsin family farms. Goat whey protein is packed with essential amino acids, and it’s more similar to human milk than cow milk, making it incredibly easy on the digestive system. Tim mentions he can stomach unflavored whey protein, but Tera’ Whey also comes in Vanilla Honey flavor.

Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate was introduced to him by Amelia Boone, and even Dr. Rhonda Patrick includes it in her famous smoothie recipe. Collagen eases joint pain, strengthens cartilage, improves skin and nail health, boosts muscle mass, and even may have anti-aging benefits.

The final constituent of Tim’s morning protein shake is a tablespoon of SuperBeets. This has the added benefit of endurance improvements and what Ferriss describes as a “slight, but noticeable Viagra-like effect” in men.


Ferriss also includes a number of tea options in his morning breakfast kit to get a nice caffeine jolt in the morning. This is very similar to his famous Titanium Tea recipe.

To start the brewing process, Tim will set his Cuisinart Kettle to 185 degrees and mix both the Kabuse Sencha and Pu-Erh tea in a French press to brew. After pouring, Tim will then let it steep for a minute or two. Tim mentions that this quick brewing process will not sit well with many tea “purists”, but his goal is to get the catechins and caffeine into his system as fast as possible. Tim says that this tea combination also mixes beautifully with the Brain Octane mentioned above, or any grass-fed butter.


The sardines are optional, but Tim acknowledges that he performs best if he gets a little bit of food into his system. Tim’s go-to morning breakfast food is Wild Planet Sardines in Olive Oil. Tim will pour some of the olive oil in the package onto his dog’s food and will eat the rest.

When he first mentioned this brand of sardines, they immediately sold out in Whole Foods stores across the country. Luckily, you can pick up a pack of them for cheap on Amazon.


Tim Ferriss has a pretty intense breakfast routine, so feel free to make small adjustments if needed. This breakfast works with most diets including the Slow-Carb Diet and the ketogenic diet.

We included the video of Tim describing his breakfast kit below. If you enjoyed this article, feel free to check out Tim’s supplement stack.