How Tim Ferriss Tripled His Testosterone – The 4-Hour Body Testosterone Protocol


In his best-selling book, the Four-Hour Body, Tim claims he was able to triple his total testosterone from 244.8 to 653.3 ng/dL (it later jumped to 835 with the addition of Brazil nuts). In addition to that, Ferriss was able to more than double his free testosterone and cut his estradiol (estrogen) in half.

Tim now follows two protocols that he believes are the most effects for increasing his testosterone levels, based on multiple and repeated blood test results.

The first of these protocols is for long-term maintenance and overall well-being. The second protocol is designed for a fun, short-term “nitro” boost of sex drive and testosterone. Now, let’s take a deeper look at both protocols.

Tim Ferriss’ Testosterone Protocols

Protocol #1: Long-Term and Sustained

Protocol #2: Short-Term and Fun “Nitro Boost”

20-24 Hours Prior to Sex

Ferriss recommends consuming at least 800 milligrams of cholesterol with three hours of going to sleep, the night before you plan to have incredible sex. You can get 800 milligrams of cholesterol from at least four whole eggs. What’s the point of doing this? Easy, testosterone is derived from cholesterol, which is mainly produced during sleep from between midnight and 4-6 in the morning.

Four Hours Prior to Sex

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The Importance of Vitamin D

As you can see from Protocol #1, vitamin D plays a crucial role in your testosterone levels. If you don’t spend a good amount of time outside soaking up the sun, you could very likely be deficient in vitamin D.

Tim recommends not guessing your vitamin D levels, as overdosing will produce side effects. Ferriss says an at home saliva test will get the job done. We recommend Everlywell’s saliva mail-kit that you can pick up on Amazon, which is a cheaper alternative to doing blood tests (which are more expensive, but more reliable).

After establishing your vitamin D baseline, you can use things such as sun-light, UB-B lamps and vitamin D supplementation such as NOW Liquid Vitamin D3 to increase levels. After eight weeks you can then perform an “after” test to track the changes in your vitamin D levels.

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Does Tim Ferriss’ Testosterone Protocol Work?

You may be wondering – does any of this actually work? Well, if you know anything about Tim, you know he documents everything. Below you will find a before-and-after of his hormones from his first experiment (protocol 1, excluding Brazil nuts) pulled from The 4-Hour Body:

Tim Ferriss’ Testosterone Before and After

Total testosterone: 244.8 to 653.3 (normal range is 170-780. Ferriss later jumped his total to 835 with the addition of Brazil nuts)
Free testosterone: 56 to 118 (normal: 47-244)
Percentage free testosterone: 2.3% to 1.8%
Bioavailable testosterone: 150 to 294 (normal: 128-430)
Albumin: 5 to 4.6 (normal 3.5-4.8)
DHEA-S: 170.5 to 201.8
FSH: 6 to 8.5 (normal: 1.27-19.26)
Estradiol: 39 to <20 (normal in males: <47)

As you can see, Tim’s testosterone levels changed drastically for the better. From tripling his total testosterone while lowering his estrogen levels at the same time, his results can’t be denied. You can actually test your testosterone levels using this at home test by ZRT.

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Tim Ferriss’ Recommended Tools and Tricks for Testosterone

Blue Ice Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend – This is the cod/butter combination that Ferriss recommends in The 4-Hour Body. According to Ferriss, the Blue Ice brand is vulnerable to selling out. If it’s sold out, Ferriss recommends to substitute the two products below.

Carlson Super 1000mg Cod Liver Oil – This is Tim’s recommended cod liver oil supplement if the above blend is sold out. I have also seen Joe Rogan rave about Carlson brand supplements before. Consume this supplement at the same time as the butter below.

Kerrygold Irish Butter – Take this butter with the above cod liver oil supplement to simulate the butter oil/fermented cod liver oil blend. To find a store that carries this butter near you, check out their website. You can also pick it up on Amazon.

UV-B/F Lamps – If you are someone who can’t tolerate direct sunlight or oral vitamin D supplements, you can actually get your vitamin D levels up by using a UV-B fluorescent lamp. Tim recommends the Sperti UV-B lamp.

NOW Liquid Vitamin D3 – This is the vitamin D3 supplement Ferriss recommends in The 4-Hour Body.

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