Tim Ferriss Sleep Mask – The Mask He Recommends to Optimize Sleep


You have likely heard of Tim Ferriss. He is a New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, angel investor, and public speaker. Tim has built a reputation for being a self-experimenter and testing everything under the sun in search of anything that will help “hack” or optimize your life. This has led to many of his best selling books such as Tools of Titans and The Four Hour Workweek.

Tim has been a life long insomniac, so one of the main areas he as has spent a lot of time trying to optimize is his sleep.

One tool that he regularly uses is a sleep mask. Tim has said that he has tried almost every single sleep mask imaginable, and most of them are completely terrible, or in his own words, “suck balls”. Every sleep mask he has tried has been either extremely uncomfortable, or fall off in the middle of the night.

Tim Ferriss’ Favorite Sleep Mask

In a recent podcast, Tim claims to have finally found a sleep mask that works, and it is called the Sleep Master sleep mask. He was introduced to the Sleep Master sleep mask by his friend Jeffrey Zurofsky, who some of you may recognize from the Four Hour Chef.

Tim prefers the Sleep Master sleep mask for a few main reasons. First, the Sleep Master sleep mask is made of satin and has no rough edges, making it extremely comfortable. Tim describes the most important feature is that the Sleep Master sleep mask goes over your ears and not on top of your ears. This is a huge difference from other sleep masks on the market. By having the mask go over your ears, it quiets your environment, doesn’t move around, and doesn’t irritate your ears. You can pick up the Sleep Master on Amazon.

Sleep Mask + Ear Plugs for Sleep Optimization

In addition to using a sleep mask, Tim also sleeps with ear plugs. By using this combination, you will completely get rid of any light or sound from your environment that may be keeping you awake.

Tim has also claimed to have tested a myriad of ear plugs for sleep, but finally settled on 3M E-A-Rsoft FX ear plugs. They are industrial strength, and you can pick up a box of them on Amazon.

For more on Tim Ferriss’ evening routine and sleep preparation, check out the video below.