The Top 5 Strongest Coffee Brands In The World (Updated 2020)

Ever since the debut of Death Wish Coffee’s Super Bowl Commercial in 2012, the race to make the world’s strongest cup of coffee is making the 1960’s “space race” look like child’s play.

This is good news for caffeine fanatics across the world as companies are constantly innovating to make a great tasting cup of coffee that will possibly keep you up for days.
We have lab tested all the brands that claim to be the “world’s strongest coffee” and ranked them by their caffeine profile.

Seriously, do not try these if you do not have a high tolerance for caffeine.

Here are the strongest, most caffeinated coffee brands in the world:

1. Biohazard

Caffeine Content: 928 mg per 12 fluid ounces brewed

Biohazard is literally the world’s strongest coffee. Made from Robusta beans, this potent coffee should not be used by casual coffee drinkers. This dark roast packs a punch like Mike Tyson, and with 928 mg per 12 ounce, you will definitely have no trouble staying awake. This bad boy has a unique earthy taste, and isn’t bitter like would expect from a dark roast using strictly Robusta beans. It is intended for those who have built up a high caffeine tolerance. Biohazard is certified lab tested and is certain to light you up like a Christmas tree. Pick up Biohazard on Amazon if you think you can handle it.

2. Death Wish Coffee

Caffeine Content: 728 mg per 12 fluid ounces brewed

Death Wish gained world-wide acclaim when they won a contest for a free Super Bowl ad a few years ago. They use a combination of robusta beans, as most high-caffeine brands do. Death Wish coffee has a smooth taste with hints of cherry and chocolate. They even claim to offer you a full refund if it’s not the strongest coffee you’ve ever had.

3. Killer Coffee

Caffeine Content: 645 mg per 12 fluid ounces brewed

Killer Coffee is a potent blend that hails from Australia. It is made from a hand-selected blend of 3 Arabica beans, providing a great taste at a great price. The caffeine levels in Killer Coffee are lab tested and has six times the amount of caffeine as your normal cup of joe.

4. Banned Coffee

Caffeine Content: 474 mg per 12 fluid ounces brewed

Banned Coffee utilizes a unique blend of beans imported from Costa Rica, Hawaii, Kenya, Colombia, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Yemen, Sumatra, Peru, Tanzania, Brazil, and Honduras (yeah, that’s a lot of countries). This is a time-tested company that has been improving their taste profile for over 40 years. If you’re looking for a potent, but great tasting coffee, Banned Coffee is for you.

5. Shock Coffee

Caffeine Content: Claims to be 50% stronger than regular coffee

Shock Coffee has been around for a long time, claiming to have fueled the US military during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Shock Coffee has a unique blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, providing a better taste than brands that just use Robusta. Provides a great amount of caffeine and taste for a price lower than most brands on this list.

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