Tim Ferriss’ Recommended Sardines Brand


As a website dedicated to self improvement and bio-hacking, we are huge fans of Tim Ferriss. If you follow Tim, you know he’s been a huge fan of the ketogenic diet lately, as many people are. There is a huge amount of scientific research into the benefits of a low carbohydrate, high-fat diet. He has also been all about having sardines for breakfast.

Sardines are a small fish with a huge nutrient profile! Few other foods on the planet pack the same amount of nutrients per ounce. Sardines are absolutely loaded with mega-3, Vitamin D, selenium, B12 and many other nutrients that make them beneficial for reducing inflammation and protecting cells. Not to mention they have over 23 grams of protein per serving.

Here’s an excerpt from Tim’s blog:

I’m sitting in the Bahamas as I type this [back in December, at least], and 24 cans of sardines are sitting next to me in my suitcase. That’s my MO. I open one can upon waking, drizzle about half the oil over my dog’s kibble (which she sometimes refuses to eat dry), and then consume the fish myself. My skin and her coat have never looked better. Hat tip to the incredible biochemistry beast Dom D’Agostino, PhD for intro’ing me to these beauties.

Tim’s brand of choice is Wild Planet Canned Sardines in Olive Oil, which are sustainably harvested in well-manged fisheries with negligible by-catch or habitat damage. Considering the Tim Ferriss affect, and the amount of sardines they must have sold when he recommended them, sustainably harvested is a big deal.

I personally recommend the 12 pack, which is cheaper in bulk at only $25.

Just remember to pack a few breath mints if you’re planning on eating sardines that day.