Why You Should Do A Caffeine Deload Once A Month

Most of us use caffeine to help power us through the day. In fact, caffeine has been shown to hold a myriad of health benefits such as increasing memory, detoxifying the liver, and increase stamina during exercise.

Regardless of it’s benefits, coffee is a drug that can have some negative effects if not used properly. Coffee is addictive and users can become dependent on it, making it difficult to cut back. That one cup of jo that used to be able to get you through the morning has turned into four, making you restless and irritable throughout the day. Increased caffeine consumption can cause anxiety, insomnia, and increased blood pressure.

The more coffee you drink, the more you need to continue to drink to feel the effects of it. The health benefits of caffeine are only there in low to moderate doses, making many of us miss out on the benefits by over doing it. Drinking eights cups of coffee during the day is not good for your body, and certainly not healthy.

That’s why we recommend doing a caffeine “deload” for 7-12 days once per month to combat the negative effects. By doing a “deload” you can reset your caffeine tolerance and enjoy the healthy benefits caffeine has to offer.

According to Ben Greenfield, 7-12 days is all you need to reset your caffeine receptors. This allows you to return to a normal non-caffeine functioning state and not being dependent on the drug to get you through the day.

By resetting your caffeine tolerance, a dose of only 100-200mg will produce the desired effects and health benefits and make you feel a hell of a lot better throughout the day.

Brainflow Challenge

Do a 7-12 Day caffeine “deload” this month. It will most likely be difficult, but the positive effects will be more than worth it. Let us know in the comments how it went, or contact us at brainflowdotco@gmail.com! You got this!


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